Do you believe PewDiePie did nothing wrong?

Let me preface this by saying I do not like Pewdiepie. I do not find his humor entertaining, nor his channel anymore creative than a Markiplier, or a Jacksepticeye.

With that said, I do believe what Pewdiepie’s dark sense of humor has finally caught up to him.

Do you believe PewDiePie did nothing wrong?

Him, along with several other prominent YouTubers have been known to use “humor” or primarily racial jokes as a way to keep their audience engaged. Obviously Felix’s strategy has worked in his favor as he is still the biggest YouTuber with 53 million subscribers.

Personally, because Felix has as many subscribers as he does, it does not exclude him from the consequences of free speech.

Obviously the media did a poor job in portraying the story due to the “context” as many people have mentioned, but it still does not matter. If you admittedly pay someone as a “joke” to say this, then you should expect consequences to ensue.

Do you believe PewDiePie did nothing wrong?

Whether you consider it funny or not, shock valued humor will give Wall Street Journal and other news outlets ammo to slander your name.

They are KNOWN to do this.

Even Donald Trump who a personally disliked has acknowledged that the media puts out biased reporting.

But this has been happening since the beginning of print journalism. It bothers me now when people all of a sudden are woke from the media.

The bigger part of the story that isn’t being shared is the after YouTube red cancelled his series, Scare Pewdiepie, hundreds of people lost their job because of his comments.

I do not call this censorship, but I call this accountability.

Being a YouTuber is a job, and for Felix, he needs to understand his role in the YouTube community and how important it is for him to be a leader.

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